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The first German Security Token that represent a portfolio of German real estate.


The FUND token is the first fully approved digital and blockchain based German real estate security. The token as a digital asset is freely transferable at any time - independent of banks, custodians or stock exchanges.

Steady Value Growth

The FUND token represent a diversified portfolio of German Real Estate – which gives it a steady value growth and a planned annual yield.


The FUND token will bring liquidity into a traditional illiquid asset class and can be traded on licensed exchanges and peer-to-peer 24/7.


The FUND token is the first European-wide fully regulated real estate Security Token Offering (STO), which has been fully digitized as a security. 


The FUND token is a project of leading experts with many years of experience in real estate, capital and investment products with a positive track record.


The FUND token pursues a property value-oriented investment strategy by investing in newly constructed German properties that have already reached the Ready-to-Build status and whose construction can therefore start soon or has already begun.


Development of a risk-averse real estate portfolio with diversification across the asset classes commercial and residential, in several German metropolitan areas. Stable returns on earnings are to be generated in the low interest rate environment. The aim is to generate stable cash flows with a sustainable annual return.

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